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Relief Wheel Pro™ - Intermediate Level

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Have you been suffering from neck pain, muscle pain, painful shoulders, and awful tension headaches?

Through targeted traction and focused massage, the Intermediate Relief Wheel is designed to enhance flexibility, mobility, spinal extension, aid in relieving tension headaches, targeting key pressure points in the neck and shoulders, and reversing tech-neck. Using it can also aid in relieving muscle knots in the back, shoulders, arms, legs, and other areas where you need targeted relief. 

Key Benefits:

☑️ Reduce back and sciatic pain naturally

☑️ Supports up to 1000 pounds.

☑️ Experience lasting pain relief just a few minutes

☑️ Strong and helps stretch your back!

☑️ Provides deep, tough-to-reach muscle relief for your back.

☑️ Reduces neck pain with traction and massage.

☑️ Relieves tension headaches.

☑️ Target's specific vertebrae, muscle knots, or pinched nerves to work each area deeply.


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