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Posture Hero Pro™ - Intelligent Vibration Posture Trainer

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Do you struggle with dreadful posture and tech neck because you work at a desk all day, sit, stand or lie in a poor posture for any length of time or sleep with incorrect posture?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, in just three weeks we will have you with the posture you've always wanted.


Posture Hero Pro corrects posture to reduce back pain and increase blood flow. It can be worn just like a backpack without any bags. Using this device, one's shoulders are pulled backward and the chest muscles are stretched in order to counteract the usual slouching position associated with sitting at a computer.

Identifying the Key Indicators for Pain Relief in the Long Term

☑️Makes you aware of your posture
☑️Corrects posture to relieve back pain
☑️Improves circulation by aligning the spine
☑️Enhances mood by increasing blood flow throughout the body
☑️ A real-time human massage is simulated using TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).
☑️Increases circulation by aligning the spine, relieving neck, head, and shoulder pain, and relaxing the body.
☑️ Our complete massage service consists of 3 different massage techniques, 15 levels of intensity, and a fully customized massage experience.
☑️It is lightweight, seamless, and weighs less than 35oz


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