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Posture Hero™ - Back Posture Corrector

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Do you struggle with dreadful posture and tech neck because you work at a desk all day, sit, stand or lie in a poor posture for any length of time or sleep with incorrect posture?


Posture Hero corrects posture to reduce back pain and increase blood flow. It can be worn just like a backpack without any bags. Using this device, one's shoulders are pulled backward and the chest muscles are stretched in order to counteract the usual slouching position associated with sitting at a computer.

Identifying the Key Indicators for Pain Relief in the Long Term

☑️Makes you aware of your posture
☑️Corrects posture to relieve back pain
☑️Improves circulation by aligning the spine
☑️Enhances mood by increasing blood flow throughout the body
☑️Increases circulation by aligning the spine, relieving neck, head, and shoulder pain, and relaxing the body.


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Increase Blooad Circulation

The soles of the feet contain more than 60 acupuncture points.

In a safe, non-invasive manner, these patches detoxify the body using an ancient Japanese herb combination. A strong black color will result from the toxins leaving the body.

If you use the program consistently for a week, you'll notice the following:

☑️It's easier to get out of bed

☑️It's less stressful and anxiety

☑️There is a reduction in general pains and aches

☑️Resulting in an anti-aging effect

☑️Resulting in more energy during the day

How The Colour Represent?

☑️Cupping Mark 1

Reddish or pink, indicating your body is in a good condition.

☑️Cupping Mark 2

Scarlet red, indicating your body has problem in heat.

Excess heat is dominated by heat illness, you may have polydipsia. Ency heat is dominated by yin fluid deficiency, which cause you loss weight, feel fatigue, and your tongue coating is red and limited.

☑️Cupping Mark 3

Dark purple, indicating a poor blood circulation and blood stagnation, which means your liver is weak. Your tongue coating is yellow and thick.

☑️Cupping Mark 4 Appearing of blisters on skins, indicating your body is too damp.

may have this symptoms such as lazy limbs, depression in the chest,
nausea, loss of appetite, loose excrement, and thick greasy

*Tips: Don't worry, cupping marks are generally eliminated in a week.

How it Help?

It as been practiced for centuries as an effective traditional Chinese practice to help and reduce many symptoms or diseases.

☑️ No need complicated as Normal Moxibustion and Cupping used and extra personnel to deploy the therapy.

It can be used:
☑️ treats insomnia and inappetence.

☑️treats spondylolysis, dysmenorrhea, backache, arthritis,
prostate-related disease, etc

☑️It is a perfect choice for both professional and home use.

☑️promoting lymphatic detoxification and blood circulation, alleviating muscle soreness and stiffness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Long-term use can alleviate your pain. It is a multi-functional
physiotherapy device that can dredge the meridians, reduce muscle’s tension, promote blood circulation. Only continuous perform can be effective.

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