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Øre smertelindrende lapp

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Møter du symptomene nedenfor?

☑️ Hørte forskjellige lyder (summing, nynning, maling, susing eller plystring)

☑️ Øresmerter

☑️ Hørselstap

☑️ Tinnitus 

Tinnitus kan være ekstremt plagsomt og til og med forårsake negativ effekts på livskvaliteten for en undergruppe av disse individene som f.eks forstyrrede søvnsykluser (søvnløshet), kommunikasjonsproblemer, angst, irritabilitet, konsentrasjonsproblemer, depresjon, eller til og med selvmordstanker eller -handlinger i noen tilfeller. 


Hva betyr Tinnitus?

Tinnitus er en lyd som kommer fra kroppen din i stedet for fra en ekstern kilde.

    en "ringing i ørene" er ofte beskrevet, men mange andre lyder er mulige, inkludert summing, nynning, maling, susing eller plystring

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    The majority of people have experienced tinnitus after exposure to loud noises, such as after attending a concert, and can affect people of all ages.

    Affected Person:

    ☑️Frequently attend Party


    ☑️Military Personnel


    ☑️ Seniors Citizen

    ☑️ Person who work in Loud Environments


    Your nervous system is calmed, panic attacks are prevented, and the blood circulation is improved, so headaches are relieved.

    Rapidly penetrating into the skin, the fast-acting formula offers immediate relief. Non-toxic and skin-safe formula.

    There will be no more buzzing or headaches! Treatment for Ear Ringing Tinnitus, buzzing, clicking, and hissing can all be naturally reduced with an ear pain relief patch.


    The fast-acting formula penetrates quickly into the skin, providing immediate relief.

    What makes Ear Relief Patch so unique?

    ☑️Relief for ringing ears

    ☑️Comfort patch



    ☑️100% Organic


    Just apply it for 6-8 hours daily

    1. Clean Your Skin

    2. Peel Off the patch

    3. Apply it daily

    • "I have suffered from tinnitus on and off for the past few years, and it has gotten worse. Most of the ringing occurred at night, but sometimes I couldn't sleep. It took a few nights to notice the decrease in the ringing, and today I noticed that all ringing had gone." - Dupal Libra  

    • "I suffer from chronic and constant ringing in my ears. Since I haven't been diagnosed with it, I thought I'd try this patch instead. Over a period of one month, I used the patch as recommended and the ringing stopped essentially. Thanks to this wonderful patch. Will buy again for stock."- Melisa

    • "I've had terrible tinnitus since a head accident roughly ten years ago. I addressed it with a quack doctor in Lovington, New Mexico, and was told there was nothing I could do. The ringing in my ears was reduced by 90-95 percent the day after I started using this. This is fantastic! "I'm placing another order right now!" - Schenalida