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Snoring Right™ - Cuscino ortopedico in memory foam

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Sostieni comodamente testa, collo e spalle con questo cuscino in memory foam!

  • Ho dormito meglio che mai
  • Non ho provato la frustrazione delle notti insonni 
  • Ti ha dato un'incredibile quantità di energia

Infatti, dormire male può portare a molti problemi di salute, tra cui:

  • Fatica durante il giorno
  • Accoppiato con irritabilità
  • Può aumentare il rischio di incidenti
  • Risultato di un desiderio sessuale inferiore
  • I sintomi della depressione
  • Primi segni di invecchiamento
  • Alzheimer
  • Obesità
  • Un rischio maggiore di sviluppare malattie cardiache, attacchi di cuore, insufficienza cardiaca, battito cardiaco irregolare, pressione alta, ictus e diabete!


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Resolve Neck Pain

Do you have trouble sleeping with pillows that do not fit your needs?

Having a stiff neck when you wake up is the worst.

Constant pain in the neck. An unhappy mood every morning. Constantly feeling tired.

Is this happen on you?

You have the opportunity to make a change. The Snoring Right™ from Sleepain eliminates neck pain allowing you to experience an amazing nights sleep. 

How Is Your Pillow Affecting You?

It is frustrating to wake up with a stiffer neck than a board. All of your well-laid plans can go awry.

Designed ergonomically to align your neck & spine while sleeping, Snoring Right™ keeps your neck & spine in ideal alignment. It is important to properly position your head and neck when you sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Replace that old pillow with your Snoring Right™ and say goodbye to a sore neck (and hello to a better night's sleep).

Benefits That Last Instantly And Long-Term

Snoring Right™ brings the following benefits: 

☑️Reduces neck pain instantly 

☑️Leads to deeper sleep

☑️Improves posture

☑️Reduces stress and anxiety 

☑️Circulation is improved

Choosing Memory Foam: What's the Point?

Memory foam is probably familiar to you by now, but can it actually improve your sleep quality?

As a result of its innovative memory foam technology, the Snoring Right™ seamlessly moulds to your body in response to your body's temperature and pressure. It also distributes your body weight evenly.

How does that work?

It continuously adapts to your body in order to provide you with a great A soft memory foam mattress relieves the burden on your body, giving you a weightless sensation (imagine loud).

Due to the high-quality material, your pillows will retain their shape and density for a long time.

Think back to the best nights sleep you've had.  Now you can get that every night with the Snoring Right™ 

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