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NeckCervical™ - Masajeador Inteligente de Cuello

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¿Luchas con Tech Neck o Neck Pain porque trabajas en un escritorio todo el día, sentarse, pararse o acostarse en una mala postura?


¡Con solo presionar un botón, puede aliviar el dolor!


☑️Para replicar un masaje humano real, se utiliza TENS (estimulación nerviosa eléctrica transcutánea).

☑️Promueve la circulación sanguínea, lo que ayuda a reducir las molestias en el cuello, la cabeza y los hombros a la vez que relaja todo el cuerpo.

☑️Tres estilos distintos de masaje y 15 grados de intensidad están disponibles para una experiencia totalmente personalizada.

☑️Nuestro diseño liviano y sin costuras te permite usarlo en todas partes porque solo pesa 160 g.

☑️ Aumenta tu circulación

☑️Úsalo cuando y donde quieras.

☑️ Calmar el dolor 15 minutos es todo lo que se necesita.

☑️Se adapta a todos



¿Cómo funcionan las TENS? 

Las unidades TENS envían impulsos eléctricos a través de electrodos con almohadillas adhesivas adheridas a ellos para que puedan adherirse a la piel. Además de inundar el sistema nervioso, estos impulsos eléctricos hacen que la médula espinal y el cerebro sean menos capaces de transmitir señales de dolor. Como resultado de los impulsos eléctricos, el cuerpo produce analgésicos naturales llamados endorfinas.

Hay varios tipos de dolor crónico (a largo plazo) con los que TENS puede ayudar, como: 

☑️Artritis y otros dolores articulares 

☑️Dolor de cuello y dolor de espalda 

☑️Problemas musculoesqueléticos 

☑️Dolor muscular 

☑️Dolor neuropático 


¿Cuándo se debe usar TENS?

Se ha demostrado que usar TENS mientras está activo durante al menos 30 minutos es más efectivo para tratar el dolor crónico. Mientras está descansando, acostado o sentado, es menos efectivo.

No se recomienda si tiene alguno de los siguientes:

☑️Marcapasos o desfibriladores

☑️Estimulación eléctrica de la médula espinal

☑️Bombas o monitores implantables

☑️Dispositivos metálicos o electrónicos implantables


¿Puede una unidad TENS ser dañina?

TENS generalmente se considera seguro.


¿Cómo se supone que se siente una unidad TENS?

puedes sentir hormigueo, golpeteo, zumbido o espasmos musculares.


Made by ultra durable and premieum material

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Have You Had Enough Of Your Neck Pain?

Up to 75% of people have had neck discomfort at some point in their lives.

A long day at work can cause neck pain for many people.

That's correct, you're not the only one who feels this way...

Our bodies are tremendously taxed by modern living. It's bad for your neck to spend hours slumped over a desk.

Neck Pain That Doesn't Go Away Muscle stiffness is a common ailment. Headaches that are incapacitating.

NeckCervical is a revolutionary new method to receive professional massage treatments on the move or in the privacy of your own home.

How Does It Work?

NeckCervical ™ uses a mix of low frequency electrical impulses, continuous heat, and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technologies to achieve its results.

Several kneading massage nodes give moderate warmth and electrical pulsations into 3 to 5 cm below the skin,

More blood supply to problem regions results in the production of natural painkillers known as endorphins.

You can get the pain relief you've been seeking for in just 15 minutes a day!

Benefits that are both immediate and long-lasting

The NeckCervical™ will provide the following benefits:

☑️ Provides immediate relief from neck discomfort
☑️ Improved posture
☑️Lessened worry and stress
☑️ Better circulation
☑️To replicate an actual human massage, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is used.
☑️Promotes blood circulation, which helps to reduce neck, head, and shoulder discomfort while also relaxing the entire body.
☑️Three distinct massage styles and 15 degrees of intensity are available for a fully customized experience.

Our Neck Massager is beneficial against the following conditions:

☑️Rheumatoid Arthritis
☑️Neck Ache
☑️Headaches caused by tension
☑️Muscle Strains or Stiffness
☑️Nerves that have been pinched

Remote Control Is Easy To Use


☑️Massage mode

☑️Heat Therapy

To pick the mode and intensity that best fits you, use the buttons on the remote. (When the mode is changed, the massager intensity returns to zero.)

Rechargeable and cordless. Comes with a Micro USB cord for charging and a 450mAh battery. Once fully charged provides up to 4 hours or 16 sessions (15 minutes per session).

How To Use

1. Turn on the devices

2. Apply water on your Neck

3. Place Device on Your Neck

4. Use Remote to Adjust the setting

Frequently Asked Questions

This massage is made of metal patches and silicon material that will conform to any neck size. 

Your safety is our priority. Our NeckCervical™ has
passed compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation.

If you have an implantable electronic device or metal implants in the neck area, we apologize, but you cannot use this.

Definitely not! It is designed in an ergonomic "L" shape. It fits more tightly around the neck than regular neck massagers. 

Certainly not!

The rated operating voltage is 5 volts, which is considerably less than the worldwide safety voltage requirement of 36 volts. You will feel a slight electric flow and heat from the gadget because it employs pulses technology, but it will not harm you.

You may vary the intensity levels to your own degree of comfort.

Yes, absolutely! Also, it's a perfect way to relax your neck when you're on a plane.

Because the massager is not completely on your skin while it is dry, it causes tingling. Before using the massager, dampen your skin to let the metal patches adhere to your skin.

Its easy!

The NeckCervical™ comes with a USB charging cable, so simply plug it into the device and then into any USB port. 

Yes, after pushing the power button, reduce the intensity to the lowest level. Then select the "heat only" option.

When not in use, just clean with a disinfectant wipe or moist paper towel and let air dry. Ensure that the power is turned off.

Instantly! The first time you use our Intelligent Neck Massager, you will experience immediate relief from neck discomfort and strain. Your neck discomfort will noticeably improve after using the NeckCervical™.

This massager doesn't vibrate. It uses TENS pulse with heat.

If your neck is dry, we recommend soaking it before the massage to enhance the sensation. Alternatively, instead of water, use a water-based cream.