Hack on Vibration therapy Sleepain

Hack on Vibration therapy

In some cases, back pain might be so bad that you'll do anything to alleviate it. You might have considered vibration therapy for getting yourself feeling better and doing more of what you enjoy. Let's find out what vibration therapy offers. Here's what we discovered. Find out why vibration therapy is not just for back pain.

Vibration therapy: what is it and how does it work?

The benefits of vibration therapy - whether people use a whole-body vibration platform or a localized vibration device - are numerous. Muscles are contracted and loosened by vibrations. You may also increase osteoblast production through some vibrations. Osteoblasts are a type of cell that builds bones.

When should vibration therapy be performed?

Vibration therapy is great after exercising or whenever your muscles feel sore. Vibration therapy may be beneficial to things like weight loss, increased flexibility, and blood flow, as well as reduced muscle soreness, if performed three times a week for 15 minutes each.



A vibration therapy's benefits


Vibration therapy has been associated with the following benefits in some studies:


  • Back pain reduced
  • Balance and strength improved
  • Density of bones increased
  • Mass of muscles increased
  • Circulation improved
  • Pain in joints decreased
  • Lower back pain decreased
  • Stress reduced
  • Your metabolism was boosted
  • Your muscles were less sore after exercise


Vibration therapy should never be used without consulting your doctor.

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